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Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish
Flexible paintwork finishing polish for paintwork damage correction. KEY BENEFITS Specifically developed for1- step polishing of locally sanded paint damage, e.g. dust inclusions or runs. Nano-abrasives enable effective scratch removal with an optimal gloss. Removes sanding up to grain size P2000. Silicone-free. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1L handy...
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Phoenix EOD Papa Cut Deminishing Compound
Description Well, no one said it, but we’re all thinking it! Inspired by Papasmurf918 himself, Papa Cut Diminishing Compound is the fastest working compound ever! Created using the latest in abrasive technology, Papa Cut provides fast and effective elimination of...
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Sonax Profiline EX Polish 04-06
Can be used as a one-step, or as a finishing step to achieve a high gloss. Polishing of slightly weathered or sanded paintwork is easy with EX 04-06. Sonax EX 04-06 is the equivalent to Sonax Perfect Finish, however, it's...
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Meguiars M205 Ultra Finishing Polish
Permanently removes swirls and light defects from all paints. Produces deep reflections and high gloss. Smooth-glide buffing feel, fast and easy wipe-off. This professional-grade polish works to permanently remove swirls, marring and other light defects from all clear coated paints...
Koch Chemie F6.01 Fine Cut – Medium & Finishing Polishing Compound
Koch Chemie F6.01 Fine Cut is a machine polish of the latest generation with unique aluminium oxide quality. The intelligent grain size ensures very quick, complete removal of scratches and gives the paintwork a long-lasting deep sheen. At AusPro we...
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RUPES Bigfoot High Performance Yellow Fine Polishing Compound
RUPES BigFoot DA High Performance Fine Polishing Compound Gel is the result of extensive testing to develop a compound that combines noticeable cutting performance with impressive finishing. The proprietary formula developed and blended in-house by RUPES is designed to perform with Dual...
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AusPro Door & Boot Adjustable Prop Bar
AusPro Door Jamb Polishing Prop Bar. Secure to your vehicles doors, bonnet or boot jams to secure them in a fixed open position. Designed so you can position your door in a comfortable position to machine polish. Measures 30cm long...
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Meguiar's Professional DA Microfibre 5 Finishing Disc 2 Pk - DMF5
Achieving a professional flawless finish with Meguiars finishing discs To achieve ultimate results in paint correction AusPro Detailing & Car Care Products always starts by prepping the paint and removing minor paint imperfections with Meguiars microfiber cutting pads and finishing...
Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro 1 & Done Compound Correct & Finish
Turtle Wax’s Hybrid Solutions Pro 1 & Done Compound Correct & Finish allows both professional detailers and auto enthusiasts to safely correct & finish any paint surface without switching products. Eliminate deep scratches and swirl marks while adding a wet,...
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