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P & S Brake Buster – Non Acid Foaming Wheel Cleaner
Foaming wheel cleaner Acid-free formulation Effectively removes brake dust Safe on all wheel surfaces Economical to use Also excels as a tyre cleaner Contains corrosion inhibitors Can be applied with a foam sprayer.  Brake Buster Wheel Cleaner safely removes accumulated...
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P & S Bead Maker – Outstanding Gloss, Unmatched Slickness Paint Sealant & Protectant
Easily Sprayed on Insane Gloss & Incredible Slickness Cured Protection Long-lasting Shine & Protection UV Protection From Sun Highly Hydrophobic Extremely Easy to Use Bead Maker now makes paint protection easier, faster and more effective than ever before, as its...
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P & S Xpress Interior Cleaner
Available at AusPro Detailing is P&S XPRESS Interior Cleaner which is developed for use on leather, vinyl and plastic. Perfect for cleaning all interior surfaces of vehicles without the risk of damage. This incredible product cleans without drying, discolouring or...
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P & S Pearl Auto Shampoo Concentrate
High Foaming, High Lubricity Shampoo Eco Friendly Shampoo Foam Cannon compatible Fresh lemon fragrance Premium Quality Apply by hand or by foaming equipment Safe to use on all vehicles and your hands Pearl Auto Shampoo Concentrate is a key component...
from $26.95
P & S Iron Buster Iron, Wheel & Paint Decontamination 473 ml
P & S Iron Buster Wheel & Paint Iron Particle Remover is the colour-changing formula your car has been asking for. Iron Buster Wheel & Paint Iron Particle Remover is a colour-changing, fast-acting, pH balanced decontamination cleaner formulated to safely...
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P & S Dream Maker 473 ml
Deep, Wet Gloss Perfect For Car Shows Will not change attributes of Coatings or Hydrophobic Finishes Safe On All Finishes.  Will Not Harm Satin Or Matte Finishes Description Dream Maker Show Car Gloss Amplifier is for use at events or...
P & S Carpet Bomber – Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner 3.8 L
Carpet Bomber Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is a gentle yet effective carpet and upholstery cleaner. It is formulated using citrus derivatives, biodegradable cleaners and water-based solvents and it will dissolve grease and lift dirt from carpet, vinyl, engines, wheel wells...
P & S Paint Coating Prep
Prep Solution for Inspiration Ceramic Coating Cleans Paint Surfaces Removes Wax, Silicone & Other Contaminants Allow Product To Work For 30 Seconds Wipe Clean With a Premium Quality Microfibre Towel Paint Coating Surface Prep solution is used as a surface...
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P & S Rags To Riches Microfibre Detergent
Now available in both 946ml (Squeeze Bottle with Measuring Compartment)and 3.8lt pack sizes. Restores, rejuvenates and softens all microfibre towels. Removes all dirt, oils, waxes, polymers, paint protectants and sealants from your microfibre towels. Successfully removes even cured sealants. Prolongs...
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P & S Leather Treatment
Description P & P & SS Leather Treatment Conditioner & Protectant revives leather and infuses interiors with an intense leather scent that lasts and lasts. Leather Treatment is the ideal product for reconditioning lifeless weathered automotive leather seats and trims....
P & S Plastic Spray Bottle With Chemical Resistant Trigger - 946 ml
P & S Chemical resistant Spray bottle and trigger. The dilution ratio on the bottle makes diluting your favourite products easy.   
P & S Paint Gloss Quick Detailer Spray
Excellent paint lubricant for all clay applications Great Pad Primer Showroom prep wax Excellent as a Waterless Car Wash Glossy slick finish Quick detailer Spray on wet or dry surfaces Easy, fuss free application Paint Gloss removes dirt, fingerprints, dust...
from $24.95
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