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Hex Grip Foam Applicator
Tyre dressing applicator. Very comfortable grip and firm to make tyre shine application effortless.
Round Microfibre Applicator Pad (1pcs)
Premium 5" microfibre hand applicator pad is the ultimate choice for swirl-free, show car perfect results. Even more gentle and softer than foam pads, this luxurious applicator is ideal for ultra-fine polishing with a pure polish or glaze and applying a...
Daubers (Pack of 10)
The wool ball is highly absorbent. Ideal for application of plastic coatings in grills, vents and all those hard to reach areas. No shedding - sturdy and durable.  
Microfiber Ceramic Coating Applicator - Large
Description Ceramic coatings have advanced a lot over the years, making them easier and quicker to apply. Double sided, internally lined with a non absorbent lining preventing excess coating being absorbed through the applicator is the perfect solution to speeding...
Sonax P-Ball Polishing Ball Replacement Sponge
Description Sonax P-Ball Polish Ball replacement sponge. Key Benefits Foam Sponge replacement  Velcro backing which makes it easy to attach to Sonax P-Ball
Sonax Polishing Ball (P-Ball)
Description Polishing ball applicator with handle and sponge for effortless and quick polishing and waxing results. Velcro sponge is attached by velcro making it easy to remove for cleaning or replacement. Replacement velcro sponges are available here. Key Benefits  Polishing...
Ethos Ceramic/Graphene Coating Applicator - Red
Premium MicroFiber Construction – High quality, scratch-free microfiber construction enhances installation. Coating-Saver™ Technology – Designed to conserve product during install saving $$ per bottle. Versatile and Durable – Works well on paint, glass, plastics, wheels and more. Evenly Distributes Coatings – Lays down a perfectly...
Sonax Application Sponge - For Polishing And Waxing (Pack of 1)
Special yellow fine sponge with a reinforced white grip side for easy handling. Key Benefits Yellow sponge side with extra fine pores for polishing and wax application. (less product goes into the fine pores) Extremely versatile sponge for exterior application of...
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