RUPES Bigfoot High Performance Yellow Fine Polishing Compound 250ml

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RUPES BigFoot DA High Performance Fine Polishing Compound Gel is the result of extensive testing to develop a compound that combines noticeable cutting performance with impressive finishing.

The proprietary formula developed and blended in-house by RUPES is designed to perform with Dual Action polishers, including both large-stroke random orbital and gear-driven tools. Colour-coordinated to RUPES yellow foam, wool, and microfiber pads, DA-fine delivers excellent defect removal, incredibly high finish quality, and a super-easy wipe off for excellent user experience.

DA-fine is the perfect second polishing step after DA-Coarse on virtually every type of painted, gelcoat, or varnished finish or as a stand-alone solution for light polishing needs.

  • Micro-abrasive technology and proprietary blend enhance finishing ability.
  • Easy wipe-off for fewer towel marks on soft paints or delicate surfaces.
  • Easy application when used with RUPES color-coordinated pad system.
  • One-step light defect removal and finishing on most paints.
  • Can also be excellent 2nd step polish following D-A Coarse Compound.
  • Recommended for use with BigFood Random Orbital or Gear-Driven tools.