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Wowo's Interior Finisher – 500 ml
You’ve cleaned it, now protect it! Wowo’s Interior Finisher is an anti-static cockpit finisher designed for all interior plastics and other hard surfaces. Interior Finisher leaves a soft satin sheen and a clean, fresh scent. Water-Based – No Silicones UV Protection - Helps to Protect...
Wowo's Leather Cream – 500 ml
Wowo’s Leather Cream is Step Two in the Wowo’s Leather Cleaning System! If your Leather were to go to a Spa, this is the final product it would ask for. It’s like a luxuriating massage from the best masseuse, leaving your leather...
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Wowo's Crystal Sealant – Long Term Nano Polymer Spray Sealant
Wowo's Crystal Sealant is a long-lasting Nano-Polymer sealant, which can be applied to any exterior surface for ultimate protection. Pack Size:- 500ml Spray Bottle Nano-polymer technology Formulated with Polymer resins, SiO2 resins and a cross-linking polysiloxane Long-lasting protection – protects for...
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Wowo's All-Purpose Cleaner – 500 ml
Wowo’s All-Purpose Cleaner is an excellent choice for cleaning anything from your interior plastics, to door checks, to engine bay plastics.   Safe for cleaning and decontaminating all types of surfaces Highly effective bug remover Works great in an IK spray...
Wowo's Mallow Wax – 200 ml
Wowo’s Mallow Wax is as soft as a marshmallow and as smooth as glass. Mallow Wax is a proprietary blend of Brazilian Carnuba Wax, Montan Wax, and Resins for a high-gloss masterpiece. The blend of Old School Cool with the latest in...
Wowo's Glass Cleaner – 500 ml
Wowo’s GLASS CLEANER delivers streak-free glass cleaning in a professional-size bottle. So simple to use, the only thing easier is having someone else do it for you! Tint Safe: No Alcohol, No Ammonia Streak-Free Finish Cleans Smoke & Vape Film...
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