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Ethos Resist
Unique Hybrid-Graphene Formula – Combines the best chemistries into one product to provide an effortless application with maximum results. Easy DIY Spray Application – This spray and wipe formula adds 2-in-1 versatility to enhance coatings or achieve up to 6+ months of...
from $34.95
Ethos Graphene Matrix Coating (5 Year)
Revolutionary Graphene Nanotechnology. Apply to paint, glass, plastics, trim, wheels and more. Simple DIY Application – Easy and straightforward installation for Enthusiasts (For best results, quality paint correction is required). Reduces Water Spot Etching up to 80-95%. Incredible Hydrophobic Properties...
from $189.95
Ethos Foam Party – Snow Foam 473 ml
Concentrated Cleaners Help Break Down Road Grime pH Neutral and Safe For Waxes, Sealants and Coatings Designed Exclusively for Use as a Snow Foam In Foam Guns & Cannons Addictive Tropical Scent and Foaming Action Available in a 473ml Squeeze...
Ethos Detox
Get the Most out of Your Ceramic Coating, Wax or Sealant – Deep cleans and ensures the optimal bonding of protection to your vehicle Leaves Nothing But the Shine – Completely strips and removes any residues, waxes or sealants Greatly Increases the...
from $29.95
Ethos Ceramic/Graphene Coating Applicator - Red
Premium MicroFiber Construction – High quality, scratch-free microfiber construction enhances installation. Coating-Saver™ Technology – Designed to conserve product during install saving $$ per bottle. Versatile and Durable – Works well on paint, glass, plastics, wheels and more. Evenly Distributes Coatings – Lays down a perfectly...
Ethos Ceramic Shampoo
Add Ceramic Protection With Every Wash – Ceramic (Si02) resins add protection and water repellency while washing. High Gloss Mirror Finish – Adds a wax-like shine without the effort! Rejuvenates Ceramic Coatings – Safely cleans and conditions any form of ceramic coating, wax...
from $34.95
Ethos Defy
Available in 236ml & 473ml Pack Sizes. Lab Tested Waterless Cleaning Formulation –  Engineered to provide the best one-step waterless car wash with instant results you can see and feel! Innovative 3-in-1 Formula – Cleans, Conditions and Coats any finish in seconds,...
from $34.95
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