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Maxshine Wheel Cleaning Brush
New Improved Version Maxshine Wheel Cleaning Brush (Length 45cm or 30cm) Quick, effective cleaning of all wheels. Features The Maxshine Pro Series Wheel Brush is the most advanced wheel detailing brush today! Soft and Safe Wheel Cleaning Bristles, Flexible Twisted Wire Core, Safe...
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13E Maxshine Plush Microfiber Wash Mitt With Cuff - White/Black
Description This 13E Maxshine Plush Microfiber Wash Mitt with cuff is designed for multiple uses. Use it for washing the car body, wheels, wheel rims, tyres, and grill. The superior durability of this mitt allows it to hold up to rigorous use. 100%...
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Maxshine Leather & Textile Cleaning Brush
Description The Maxshine Black Textile & Leather Brush is designed for cleaning textiles and is often used as an effective cleaning on smooth leather surfaces. Use a wet or dry application to agitate and remove grime, natural oils, stains and pet hair...
Maxshine Clay Bar 3-pack 150g (3x50g) Fine Grade
Description Efficient: Greats glass-smooth paint definitely, appeal to be more effective polishing and waxing meanwhile it can also rub off the chemical substance, such as tar or asphalt and won't damage car's surface. High-Quality: Made from high-quality and advanced material, this...
MaxShine Medium-Duty Wheel & Body Brush
Description Excellent choice for Medium Duty scrubbing. This Maxshine Medium Duty Wheel & Body Brush features a plush brush head that is optimal for picking up dirt and debris for a brilliant finish! Specialized brush tips help prevent scratching and...
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