Car Detailing in Sydney

Services we offer:

Paint Correction

Paint Correction is an absolute must if you want to keep your vehicle looking pristine, increasing its gloss, slickness, removing unsightly marring and scratches. 

Our state-of-the-art auto care begins every paint correction process with hand washing. We then move on to our full comprehensive paint thickness readings, which allow us to determine how much paint your vehicle has so we can polish as safely as possible without causing damage. This is then followed by a thorough mutliple step paint decontamination to remove any harmful contaminants such as industrial fallout, bird droppings, tar and sap, water spots and more that may have ingrained themselves in the clear coat. This careful process helps prepare your vehicle for the final step, polishing with premium compounds which bring out the brilliant depth of colour, corrects unsightly swirls, marring and removable scratches! 

When we polish, paint preservation is of utmost importance. Your paints clear coat is what contains damage and is extremely thin! Some clear coats are not much thicker than a strand of hair! Paint correction is essentially sanding where we use different pads and compounds to remove defects. The difference is a very fine balancing act that requires skill, professional experience, patience, various techniques, tools, machine speeds, pressures etc. 

The result will be an unforgettable shine with no swirl marks & unsightly defects on your car's paint, all while adding value back into your ride! So make sure to opt for our paint correction services – it's an investment in the longevity of your vehicle that'll be well worth it.

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Ceramic Coating

Are you looking for a way to protect your pride and joy? Look no further than our selection of innovative ceramic coatings. With our premium paint, glass, and wheel coatings, you'll have the perfect sacrificial layer of protection to ensure your car looks pristine whilst giving it protection against the elements, environmental fallout and UVA UVB sun damage. As an added bonus, your car will stay cleaner in between washes and washing is much easier due to its hydrophobic properties.

Enjoy the best in ceramic protection selected from the best premium coatings available worldwide. Unlike competitors, our process from our preparation steps to our ceramic coating application is very intense and involved. Extra steps are completed to ensure the coating you've selected has maximum chance of bonding to your paint. This ensures maximum longevity and performance. In addition our ceramic coatings are cured with infrared lamp's which skips the lengthy 5 day curing time whilst ensuring a strong bond to your paint, leaving your car looking its absolute best. Our ceramic coatings are super tough and intensely glossy allowing the colour of your car to show through to its maximum potential. Don't be left behind - get our revolutionary ceramic coating today.

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Wheels Off Detailing

Get a perfect finish every time with wheels off detailing! Your wheels, wheel arches and suspension components are overlooked when they’re actually exposed to some of the most harshest contaminants. We know how important it is to have great-looking wheels. That's why we've developed this top-of-the-line service that creates a stunning look. Unlike other detailing services, our wheels off detailing process goes the extra mile and removes your wheels for ultimate cleaning. This gives us the chance to clean inner barrels, wheel arches, and suspension components - all areas where dirt and debris can tend to accumulate and damage your car over time. Plus, for an extra feel of luxury we now offer high temperature resistant ceramic coating for your rims and brake calipers protecting them from brake dust and road contaminants. Say goodbye to dull old rims - wheels off detailing will take them from faded to showroom shine in no time!

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Interior Detailing

Looking to improve the interior of your car? Look no further than our amazing interior detailing service! We offer a comprehensive suite of services that will make your car look and feel as good as it did when you first drove it off the lot. We utilise the best cleaning processes and products for upholstery, leather surfaces, aircon vents, shampooing carpets and more, to ensure that everything is deep-cleaned and feels luxurious and refreshed.

Plus, we cater our products to your needs - we can go one step further with dressings for maximum protection from spills and daily wear-and-tear. Ask us about our incredible interior coatings for leather and plastic surfaces — it’s sure to leave your cars interior looking and feeling better than before.

Our interior detailing service is perfect for anybody looking to spruce up their car and bring back some of the excitement they felt on the drive home after their purchase. Plus, with an expert at hand finishing each job with precision and skill, it's one investment you won't regret!

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Engine Bay Detailing

Are you looking to add some pizazz to the engine bay of your car? We've got just the thing. With our engine bay detailing package, you can turn that tired-looking engine compartment into something truly special.

Using the best cleaning products available on the market today, we'll have your engine bay sparkling and free of dirt, dust, grease, oils and debris in no time. Then, once it's been given a thorough clean, a special formula dressing is applied for an unbeatable pristine look plus adding protection.

So don't settle for anything less than perfect! Our engine bay detailing package is designed to ensure your vehicle looks its absolute best from top to bottom. You deserve nothing less – contact us now!

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