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Koch Chemie

Koch Chemie Apple Fragrance Concentrate

Koch Chemie Apple Fragrance Concentrate

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Concentrated fruity fresh apple fragrance for car or home interiors to leave the area smelling fresh and clean. 

  • A little goes a long way, which means its highly economical. 
  • Can be diluted to suit your individual needs.
  • Heavily concentrated - This fragrance has lasted us over a week in car interiors. 

Directions for Use

  • Dilute up to 1:30 with water in a spray bottle as an air freshener for vehicle interiors.
  • To add fragrance to a cleaning product, add 5ml per litre of cleaning product solution and mix well.


Use economically. Please do not use in biological service water treatment plants. Before using, check suitability and compatibility.


This product information can advise you only without obligation. Liability on our part can not be derived. Please check whether the product is suitable for your application. We will be pleased to assist you.

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