Xtreme Solutions Topper - 3.8L

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Top Coat Lubricant & Protectant is ultimate “topper”  available on the market toda! Silica infused, Topper brings unparalleled hyper-slickness, gloss and a mirror-like reflection to your vehicle! Topper is detergent resistant and uses cross-linking polymers to protect your vehicle’s top coat. Super user friendly, Topper™ can be applied to wet or dry surfaces and is totally safe to use on top of your current protectant; be it wax, ceramic or even other silica coatings!

DIRECTIONS: Shake well. Avoid spraying on hot surfaces. Apply to a dry or wet surface. Spray mist onto small area. Rub into surface using a soft clean terry cloth. Turn cloth over and buff to a high gloss. Do not allow to dry on the surface prior to wiping down.