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The Rag Company

The Rag Company – Edgeless 365 Microfibre Towel

The Rag Company – Edgeless 365 Microfibre Towel

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The Edgeless 365 is an outstanding edgeless dual-pile metal polishing towel that doesn't mind doing the dirty work for you with premium quality microfiber that's competitively priced. 

Dual-pile construction: Use the plush side for the delicate aluminium of today's high-end wheels and other soft metals; and the tighter, short knap side to buff out your stainless trim, chrome, and other harder metal surfaces.

Size: 40 cm x 40 cm
Colours: Royal Blue
Blend: 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide
Weight: 365 GSM
Border/Edging: Edgeless, Ultrasonic Cut Edge
Material: 00% Split Microfiber
Country of Origin:- China

Recommended Uses

  • Buffing and Polishing Chrome / Shiny Metals / Glass / Mirrors
  • Removal of All Types of Metal Polish
  • Polishing Wheels and Rocker Panels
  • Airplanes: Leading Edge of Wings, Engines, and Fuselage (Used Extensively On Air Force One)
  • Removal of Detailing Sprays / Wax / Compound / Sealant / Glaze / Polish  
  • Cleaning Wheel Wells and Door Jams
  • Interior Cleaning – All Surfaces Including Leather, Vinyl, Plastic, Carpet, Metal, Wood and More
  • Rinseless / Waterless Washing

Additional Product Details

    • Excellent quality metal polishing towel for all your wheel, bumper, and trim deeds 
    • Dual-pile construction:
      • Side 1 - Longer fibers for delicate aluminum and soft metals with a shorter nap
      • Side 2 - Tighter terry weave to buff out stainless trim, chrome and other harder metal surfaces
      • Absolutely paint-safe
      • Non-abrasive / absorbent
      • No borders or tags = totally safe and scratchless
      • NOTE: Due to the edgeless design some minor fraying is possible from washing. Simply snip any loose fabric with scissors and the towel is back to new
      • Manufactured on the highest quality German microfiber production equipment (Karl Mayer)   


        • Machine wash with mild liquid detergent (free of dyes, fragrances, bleach and softeners).
        • Tumble dry low, and do not iron.
        • Do not use any fabric softener as this clogs the microfibres and reduces performance. Do not use chlorine bleach. Wash only with other non-linting materials (no cotton!) To maintain proper dirt-gripping properties. 
        • Always wash new microfiber towels prior to first use.
        • Always wash newer black, orange, red and other dark colored towels separately from lighter colored towels to mitigate the risk of dye bleeding.
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