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Sonax Xtreme Wash + Seal 500ml

Sonax Xtreme Wash + Seal 500ml

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At AusPro Automotive Detailing & Car Care Products, we understand some want hassle free car maintenence. Here's where Sonax Xtreme Wash + Seal comes in. With its thorough cleaning and effective sealing all in one, your car will be clean, protected and have a awesome mirror shine! 

Its also great as a maintenance product for ceramic coated vehicles!

A quick way to clean and protect your vehicle. A simple way to provide a mirror shine with lasting water and dirt repellent conservation.

Features and Benefits:

  • A car shampoo that washes and seals.
  • Quick and easy.
  • Long lasting water and dirt repellency
  • Economical, gives a lasting shine and protection for up to 20 vehicle washes.
  • Ideal for maintaining long term sealed and coated vehicles.



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