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Sonax Xtreme Cockpit Cleaner Matt Finish

Sonax Xtreme Cockpit Cleaner Matt Finish

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For cleaning and care of all plastic surfaces in the car interior.


An agent that cleans and maintains all interior plastic car parts.
Has a matt finish, that matches the natural surfaces of your dashboard, no glare! 

  • Versatile and may be used on many different finishes inside your car. 
  • Dust repellent prevents electrostatic charging.
  • No silicone!
  • Solvent-free!
  • Dashboard, kick plates, gets them clean!
  • Leaves a refreshing fragrance!


500 ml trigger spray bottle. Reliably prevents electrostatic charging and is, therefore, a dust repellent. Renews and maintains the matt and grained cockpit surfaces of many car types, "Soft -feeling effect". Silicone and solvent-free.

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