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Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer 750ml

Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer 750ml

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SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer gently removes light dust & contamination while restoring protection on your vehicle. 

This product has no silicones in it as its polymer based. At AusPro detailing, we get up to 8 washes before re applying.

SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer is thick and viscous, and also has some slight filling abilities. Jumps of up to 10 Gloss units on painted surfaces 

It revives the shine of SONAX Premium Class Carnauba Wax or any other existing paint protection.

This product has the consistency similar to a spray wax and leaves a very slick, reflective finish. It offers performance, convenience, and an amazing shine!

SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer cleans lightly soiled paint without scratching the surface. Because this product is thick by quick detailer standards, be sure to spread it evenly over the paint with your microfiber towel. Flip the towel often as you wipe off for the best results.

Use SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer any time on any type of paint.



  • Unique Hybrid Polymer Technology that provides long-lasting protection.

  • Renews waxing and provides additional water-repellent effect.

  • A polymer that can be used in paint shops as it does not contain silicone.

  • Maintains showroom finish.

  • Increases colour depth and shine.

  • Fills Micro-abrasions thereby improves the paint finish.

  • Smooth surface finish bump off effect of at least 10 gloss units.
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