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Sonax Profiline Plastic Care - Exterior & Interior 1L

Sonax Profiline Plastic Care - Exterior & Interior 1L

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AusPro is proud to be a stockist of Sonax Profiline Plastic Care

Easily treat exterior and interior plastic surfaces on your vehicle With Sonax Plastic Care - Simply spray on & let dry!

Key Benefits

  • Maintains plastic on vehicles.
  • Freshens up the colours.
  • Removes dull spots and scratches.
  • Safe for interior and exterior components.
  • Optimum engine bay conservation.
  • Solvent-free.
  • Easy to apply.

1L spray bottle for convenience & ease of application.

For interior - cleans and maintains all plastic components, e.g. cockpit, door trims, panels, dash components, centre console and seat linings etc.

For exterior - rejuvenates and preserves all unpainted plastic components, e.g.bumpers, Door trims, door handles etc. It conceals fine scratches and dull patches. Perfect for treating engine bay plastics. It's a fast and simple solution to restore the shine and protect the plastic parts after cleaning. Simply spray and let dry - no need to wipe!

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