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Sonax Clear Glass

Sonax Clear Glass

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SONAX Clear Glass easily removes exhaust film, nicotine film, insects, and dirt from windshields and windows leaving a streak and smear free finish. This phosphate-free formula is designed to be used on automotive car windows and glass

Your cars windscreen and glass is exposed to many elements, including the inside of your windscreen which can become hazy due to some dashboards gassing. This can be hazardous due to decreased visibility.  Wipe and clean away all residues and dirt with ease with Sonax Clear Glass. 

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Features and Benefits:

  • Automotive-grade glass cleaner.
  • Streak-Free vision.
  • Works Instantly frees windscreens and headlights from insects, dirt and exhaust deposits.
  • Nicotine deposits & smear film eradicated quickly & easily from interior windscreens & mirrors.
  • Phosphate Free & Ammonia Free – safe for tinted windows
  • Used as a Clay lubricant with a claybar
  • used on a household surfaces such as windows and mirrors.


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