RUPES Bigfoot Uno Pure Ultra Fine Polish Compound 250mL

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Uno Pure is a universally compatible, ultra-fine abrasive polishing compound designed for use on all tool types, including Rotary, Random Orbital, or Gear-Driven Orbital. The proprietary formula developed and blended in-house by RUPES, uses the latest in abrasive technology to produce the highest possible optical clarity and reflectivity when used with RUPES BigFoot polishing system tools and pads.

Uno Pure is ideal for very soft or haze-prone paints or can be used in jeweling applications to create a show car finish, even on dark colours. The absence of fillers, ease of use, easy wipe-off ensure the best user experience and body shop safe formulation makes it the ideal solution for a variety of applications.

  • Suited for use with all BigFoot polishing system movements.
  • Ultra-smooth user experience with easy wipe-off.
  • Unmatched finishing quality, even on the softest paint systems.
  • Works with all paint types, including single-stage, clear coat, hard and soft finishes.
  • Contains no filling ingredients or protection properties. Leaves the finish “pure” and ready for final wax or coating.