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Platinum Potions

Platinum Potions Air Fresheners - 500 ml

Platinum Potions Air Fresheners - 500 ml

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Available at AusPro Automotive Detailing & Car Care Products is  a premium 2-in-1 product. Gone are the days of having to choose between an odour neutralizer that leaves a nauseating smell behind or an air freshener that only masks odours for a short period of time.

Platinum Potions give you the best of both worlds, minus the un-pleasantries!
Platinum Potions contain multiple anti-bacterial and anti-microbial elements that eliminate the source of foul odours at a molecular level! This also helps fight against many different types of bacteria lingering in your carpets/fabrics and can slow down and/or stop the microbial growth of mould.

These high potency air fresheners  are long lasting and refreshingly fragrant without leaving any greasy residue behind! Platinum Potions products are perfectly safe to use on all types of automotive, aviation, maritime and household carpets, as well as floor mats, fabric upholstery and fabric boot linings.
Some of the stubborn odours our Potions eliminate are:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Body & pet odours
  • Food & beverage odours
  • Mouldy odours
  • Vomit odours

Plus much more!



Bleu Mist

The Scent: A phenomenal men’s fragrance with complexity of top notes containing lemon, mint, pink pepper & grapefruit is just the beginning.

Wild Bubba

The Scent: Fizzy raspberry creaming soda that has been blended with thick, gooey, sweet pink bubble-gum, YUM!


Vanilla Holiday

The Scent: Very sweet, very creamy, very rich, & very layered sweet vanilla bean ice cream that you can cake on.

Summer Aurora

The Scent: Pleasantly mixed blend of light & breezy hints of lime, smooth vanilla, lilac & a touch of amber.

Volcanic Elixir

The Scent: A healthy dash of tonic water laced with some heavy notes of aged tea & a dash of lemon zest.

Sports Mood

The Scent: Recklessness in a bottle - A refreshing men’s perfume that is smooth, sharp & sporty!

Melon Burst

The Scent: A juicy blend of fresh & crispy ripe watermelons topped with slightly sweet hints of rockmelon.


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