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Meguiar's Professional DA Microfiber Cutting Discs 5 Inch 2 Pack - DMC5

Meguiar's Professional DA Microfiber Cutting Discs 5 Inch 2 Pack - DMC5

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Achieving a professional flawless finish starts with your prior steps

To achieve ultimate results in paint correction AusPro Detailing & Car Care Products always starts by prepping the paint and removing minor paint imperfections with Meguiars microfiber cutting pads.

We've all seen those before and after pictures of cars that have been professionally detailed and now sport a mirror finish with a deep lustre and shine. Take the first step in your pursuit of these same results with Meguiars range of pads for dual action (DA) polishers and see for yourself how easy a professional shine is achieved. Whether cutting, polishing or buffing their range of foam discs will give you the finish that goes beyond anything a tub of polish and hours of wax on wax off provide.

All Meguiar's Microfiber discs have been engineered with improved microfiber technology that eliminates minor surface defects while restoring gloss with no swirls. Their reusable hook and loop system holds the pads firmly in place as you work and with them all being machine washable means you can throw them in the wash and easily clean them for the next project. Perfect for paint defect removal, paint correction and polishing and waxing, using a dual action polisher with both a rotational and orbital action will deliver fast effective results.

The Meguiars Professional Range features an extensive catalogue of pro-grade car care and detailing products that have been specially formulated to mimic the quality and finish of the formulations used in professional detailing shops where quality and longevity are paramount. Meguiars Professional range is for the car-care obsessives who are fully invested in washing, polishing, decontaminating, waxing, buffing and protecting their prized possessions with the highest quality chemical formulations.

Speak to us at AusPro for advice on achieving ultimate results in and out of your car.

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