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Maxshine Wheel Cleaning Brush

Maxshine Wheel Cleaning Brush

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New Improved Version

Maxshine Wheel Cleaning Brush (Length 45cm or 30cm) Quick, effective cleaning of all wheels.


The Maxshine Pro Series Wheel Brush is the most advanced wheel detailing brush today!

Soft and Safe Wheel Cleaning Bristles, Flexible Twisted Wire Core, Safe Rubber End Tip and Comfortable Hand Grip with Rubber Splash Guard

  • Built for quick, effective cleaning of all wheels.
  • The brush has a state of the art design that cleans any wheel barrel and any wheel design without scratching!
  • AusPro Quality standard without Daytona Pricetag 

Available Sizes

  • Long brush
    • Hair Length:25cm
    • Handle Length:18cm
    • Length:45cm
    • Colour: Red
  • Short brush
    • Hair Length:15cm
    • Handle Length:13cm
    • Length: 30cm
    • Colour: Red


  • Long-Lasting
  • Soft Scratch-Free Bristles
  • Splatter and Knuckle Guard
  • Flexible Twisted Wire Inner Core Shaft with Rubberised Shaft Coating
  • Secure Rubber Tipped End
  • Water Proof Rubber Handle

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