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Phoenix EOD

Phoenix EOD Immortal Ceramic Spray Coating - 5H 8OZ

Phoenix EOD Immortal Ceramic Spray Coating - 5H 8OZ

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Immortal Ceramic Spray Coating is an easy spray on – wipe off coating! Great for the professional or enthusiast! 

One Application can last up to 1 year and can be used on most exterior surfaces including: glass, paint, trim, wheels, chrome, & much more!

Immortal can be used as a stand alone coating, or add this as a topper to your current coating to add an extra mirror-like shine and restore the hydrophobic properties back to the coating.



Shake well before using. Spray on Immortal Ceramic Spray Coating either directly onto the surface or onto a microfiber towel or applicator to avoid overspray. Wipe the product evenly across the surface making sure it is evenly coated (AusPro suggest doing a cross hatch pattern), and wait 1-2 minutes OR until you see a rainbow effect on the surface. Use a clean microfiber towel to buff off right after and lastly be sure to allow the product to fully cure. We recommend waiting 4-6 hours before exposing it to the elements like water.

This product is super simple to apply and super effective! If you’d like to go even further, feel free to add multiple layers. We recommend you wait around 15 minutes before adding multiple layers.


Shelf Life & Storage: 

Immortal Ceramic Spray Coating can have a shelf life up to 2 years. Proper handling and storage is imperative to maximizing the shelf life of Immortal. After using Immortal, remove the sprayer and replace with the cap that originally came with your bottle. Failing to dp this will cause residual product to dry in the sprayer. Be sure to purge the trigger of any residual product to avoid build up in the tube and trigger. The tube and trigger can be further cleaned by drawing an IPA through the the tube and trigger with a few pulls of the sprayer. Store unused Immortal in a dry cool area and out of the reach of children.



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