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Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions To The Max Wax Liquid 414ML

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Our most durable liquid car wax for professional detailers, auto enthusiast, and weekend warriors. Our Graphene Infused formula delivers long-lasting depth of color, gloss, slickness, & UV protection. Contains super-hydrophobic polymers to equip your vehicle with months of protection, chemical resistance, water repellency, & stain prevention.

Elevate your detailing routine and take surface restoration to the next level with this ultra-premium car wax solution. Our Easy on, Easy off formula can be applied by hand or machine with 3-4 drops, working in 2x2 sections. Allow the product to dry to a haze on the surface and gently remove with a microfiber towel. To remove streaks or remaining product, use a damp microfiber towel and finish by wiping with a dry microfiber towel. For the longest lasting protection, allow the paint to cure 24 hours after application.