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Gyeon Q2M Tire Express - Satin Look - Long lasting - 400 ml

Tyre Coating
GYEON Tire Express is the perfect tire care product if you are looking for something that is easy to apply and can be done in minutes! GYEON Tire Express is...
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GYEON Tire Express is the perfect tire care product if you are looking for something that is easy to apply and can be done in minutes!

GYEON Tire Express is a water-based tire and rubber dressing that will spread easily and evenly on either wet or dry tires.

GYEON Tire Express will leave behind a subtle matte finish that will remind you of the look your tires had when you first drove them off the showroom floor!

Keeping your tyres clean after applying GYEON Tire Express is extremely easy thanks to the naturally repellent, self-cleaning aspect of this incredible product!

Thanks to the water-based formula of GYEON Tire Express, it spreads across the surface extremely easily and usually in just one wipe! You won’t have to sit there and rub the product on the surface. You won’t have to let it sit and then buff it off. Just spread it on in one easy motion and let it dry! All Done!

Not only is GYEON Tire Express easy to apply though, but it is also surprisingly durable for a product that can be applied to an entire set of tires in less than 10 minutes! 

GYEON Tire Express will keep your tires protected and looking fresh for hundreds of KM's and usually through multiple washes! That is a lot more than you can expect from even some of the more time-consuming tire dressings that are on the market today.

In fact, it is generally accepted that rubber and tires look better with a matte finishThat is exactly what you get when you use GYEON Tire Express!

GYEON Tire Express will even make cleaning your tires a whole lot easier than it has ever been before! Thanks to the repellency of GYEON Tire Express, water, dirt, and mud won’t be able to stick to the surface, making cleaning much easier. 

Best Practice and Pro-Tips from Yves Heylen

There is no easier way to refresh the look of your vehicle tyres. With a simple and straightforward application, Q²M TireExpress is the perfect daily tyre dressing.

TIP: To get the most out of the product, use it on a damp tyre right after the wash. Spread it evenly and let dry. A subtle, factory fresh look will be the result.

Consumption: 10-15ml/ set
Durability: >2 washes

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Very professional

Very professional, excellent advice, great range and prices!
Trung Nguyen

Customer service is top notch

Bought products from the online store, order was placed in the late pm and was already contacted saying it had been dispatched before 6am the next day - super quick service! The products arrived within 3 days which is unheard of these days (especially being sent interstate) and I was super happy with it all. The customer service is absolutely top notch and makes such a big difference. If you want good quality customer service & products, look no further!
Taylor Knight

Extremely efficient

Extremely efficient. Rang to check delivery address and parcel arrived in a few days. Definitely will deal with them again.
Nigel Simpson

Great prices

Great prices and you can tell Andrew goes the extra mile. Was a pleasure dealing with AusPro.
Ryan Soo

Great to deal with

Andrew ships fast and is great to deal with, enjoying the Phoenix EOD range, especially Titan, an amazingly slick and great looking detail spray that is extremely easy to use which is perfect for the enthusiasts, I highly recommend this for easy maintenance of your ceramic coatings.
Jayde Aleman

The quality is crazy!

Purchased a few items to polish up my car and oh my gosh the quality is crazy!! The drying towel alone has made washing my car so much easier!!! It’s halved the time!!
Belinda Smedley

Great purchasing experience

I had a great purchasing experience with AusPro, very quick response and excellent customer service. Highly recommended.
Quang Tran

Quick and good quality customer service

Quick and good quality customer service for a product ordered before the long weekend.
Daniel Abbasszadeh

Exceptional and friendly customer service

Andrew is one of the most knowledgeable and genuine blokes you can meet. Knows his stuff about his own products and what’s out there on the current market. Exceptional and friendly customer service.
Kennith Brandon

Couldn’t recommend more highly

Amazing experience dealing with AusPro Detailing! Extremely professional and amazing customer service that you truly don’t find anywhere these days!! Couldn’t recommend more highly!!
Mark Rodrigues
Gyeon Q2M Tire Express - Satin Look - Long lasting - 400 ml
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