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Ethos Graphene Matrix Coating (5 Year)

Ethos Graphene Matrix Coating (5 Year)

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  • Revolutionary Graphene Nanotechnology.
  • Apply to paint, glass, plastics, trim, wheels and more.
  • Simple DIY Application – Easy and straightforward installation for Enthusiasts (For best results, quality paint correction is required).
  • Reduces Water Spot Etching up to 80-95%.
  • Incredible Hydrophobic Properties – Repels water and contaminants unlike any other product.
  • Imparts a Rich, Deep Shine and Non-Stick Coating – Creates stunning reflections while leaving a silky smooth finish behind.
  • Ethos Ceramic & Graphene coating applicator Is suggested.
  • 5 year protection warranty for approved detailers only. Contact Auspro Detailing for further information.


Ethos Graphene Matrix utilizes the latest in nanotechnology to create an incredibly strong and flexible graphene coating that anyone can use. 


Graphene Matrix utilizes an innovative Graphene Oxide composite that bonds to form an impenetrable layer of protection. Our unique chemistry makes Graphene Matrix easier to install than ever before. Graphene Matrix does not harden or crystallize like a normal ceramic, reducing the risk of potentially irreversible high spots or streaking.



  1. Clean any loose dust, dirt and contaminants from the surface.
  2. Clay bar any rough embedded contaminants from the surface to ensure no impurities interfere with the coatings properties.
  3. Polish/Compound to remove any paint defects in the form of scratches, swirl marks and oxidation. Graphene Matrix is a semi permanent coating so once applied any defects will remain sealed underneath.
  4. Deep clean any polish oils or residues from the surface that could inhibit the bonding process using Ethos Detox.
  5. Remove any residual water that can be hiding underneath panel gaps, headlights or taillights which could drip out and affect the coatings curing process.


Temperature and humidity can play a big factor in “flash” time (Time between application and when the coating is ready to be wiped off). We recommend applying in temperatures between 65-75*. In higher temperatures flash time will be expedited so first test using a small section to determine workability before moving onto the rest of the vehicle.

Make sure the surface has been completely cleaned and decontaminated with Ethos Detox. The cleaner the surface, the better the bond!

  1. Shake bottle well.
  2. Apply a few drops of Graphene Matrix onto your applicator until evenly covered.
  3. Starting with horizontal / top surfaces first, applying in straight lines slightly overlapping from one line to the next. Work in small areas approximately 60cm x 60cm or the size of a door or half a hood at a time. Temperature and humidity will determine coverage areas allowable between application and removal.
  4. Applicators should glide smoothly on the surface while laying down an even layer of coating. If the applicator starts to drag or the application becomes inconsistent, apply additional drops to the applicator.
  5. Immediately after application, you will notice a “Rainbow Effect” (More prevalent on dark colors) while the applied coating bonds to the surface. Roughly 1-3 min after application, the “Rainbowing” will start to turn into a haze/fog, this means the coating is ready for removal. (Temperature and humidity will expedite the flash time. Test a small area first before continuing onto the rest of the vehicle)
  6. Using premium microfiber towels (Preferably The Rag Company’s Edgeless 300’s), thoroughly wipe down the section to remove the Graphene Coating residue. Your first wipe should remove about 80% of the residue, and your second wipe should easily remove the remainder. Use small, circular motions and little to no pressure during removal.
  7. IMPORTANT: Be sure to check adjacent panels to make sure you haven’t “pushed” excess coating to other areas. (We recommend using a flashlight or smartphone light for inspection to make sure every bit of residue is gone. If you fail to remove all of the residue during the flash time, it will become a dark spot once it cures and can require polishing or compounding to remove) So be thorough and continue to check your work before moving onto the next step.
  8. Repeat these steps as you move along the rest of your vehicle. Coating the paint, plastics, trim and glass surfaces in the same manner. When layering one hour minimum is required between coats.
  9. Let the coating fully dry/cure for at least 48 hours before allowing it to get wet. The longer it stays dry the better, as it will continue to cure for about 5 days (you CAN drive the car during this time).


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