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Ethos Detox

Ethos Detox

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  • Get the Most out of Your Ceramic Coating, Wax or Sealant – Deep cleans and ensures the optimal bonding of protection to your vehicle
  • Leaves Nothing But the Shine – Completely strips and removes any residues, waxes or sealants
  • Greatly Increases the Bond of Ceramic Coatings – Promotes complete bonding to the surface by removing contaminants that can get in the way.
  • Multi-Purpose Formula – Quick and effective cleaner to prepare any surface and doubles as a streak-free glass cleaner!
  • More effective than isopropyl and specifically designed for paintwork.
  • Available in a 236ml and 473ml Spray Bottle


You wouldn’t want to put a fresh coat of paint on old, aged paint. The same is true when protecting your car. Your new layer of protection needs to bond directly to the finish without any hindering impurities getting in the way. Detox is specifically formulated to prepare your cars finish prior to applying any ceramic spray, ceramic coating, wax or sealant. This unique coating prep spray is as 2-part (Colorshifting Blue-Green) formula which removes grease, waxes, oils, residues and contaminants, leaving behind a squeaky clean finish that is ready for protection. It deep cleans and ensures the optimal bonding of protection to your vehicle.

Detox is a Multi-Purpose Formula which quickly and effectively cleans to prepare any surface. It completely strips and removes any residues, waxes or sealants and it promotes bonding of coatings to the paint surface by removing all contaminants.

For best results

Remove any loose debris by hand washing or cleaning with a waterless or rinseless cleaner. Clay bar the surface if required. To prevent streaking use multiple clean microfibers to prevent towel saturation.


  1. Working in 2’x2’ sections evenly spray Detox onto the surface to be protected.
  2. Using a clean microfiber towel in overlapping motions, thoroughly wipe the residue from the surface ensuring there are no streaks left behind.
  3. Repeat the steps across the vehicle until the surface is completely clean and streak free.

Safe for use on all paint, glass, plastic and metal surfaces.

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