Buff and Shine Uro Tec White Finishing Foam Pad

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  • Application: Finishing
  • Sizes: 3″, 6″ (Suits 5″ Backing Plate)
  • Country of Origin:- USA
  • Perfect for use with Finishing Polishes, Waxes & Sealants
  • Helps Create a Flawless, Haze Free & high gloss Finish
  • Designed for Best Results with DA Long Throw Polishers


The new URO-TEC from Buff and Shine are the latest in buffing pad technology.  Starting with their design to be perfectly balance for long throw machines that are on the market, to their open cell construction which allows long cycle times without reduction in performance, and the ability to dissipate heat quickly.  

This line up is designed for maximum performance for any machine out on the market today to achieve best results