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phoenix eod

Phoenix EOD Apex Auto Wash - 473ML

Phoenix EOD Apex Auto Wash - 473ML

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Designed exclusively by Brian Spitler for Apex Auto Detail in the United States. Apex Auto Wash is the best, straight-up pH neutral car soap around. Formulated to Brian’s specifications, Apex Auto Wash contains no dyes, fragrances, or “optical” additives. But don’t let the simplicity fool you! Apex Auto Wash provides thick, highly lubricious shampoo that gently and effectively lift dirt and grime from your vehicle’s surface! Feel your wash mitt glide over your smooth paint! This innovated formula is pH balanced for extra safety and helps resist water spotting. Apex Auto Wash is gentle and safe to use on any paint without worry of dulling or stripping previously applied wax or protection. Apex Auto Wash is safe to use on vinyl wraps and even matte finishes! As Brian says, “I want to feel the lubricity in my soap!’ – Well, here ya go, Good Friend!


By Hand – Dispense 1 – 2 ounces in a 5-gallon bucket. Use pressurized water spray to create tremendously thick foam. Wash surfaces with wash mitt or soft cloth, rinse and chamois. Machine Use/Pressure Washer – Dilute ½ oz. to 1oz per gallon of water.


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