Tyre Cleaning Products

Facts About Tyre Cleaning Products

In an age of shiny technology, why not have a shiny car and shiny tyres to match the rest? Never forget that polished tyres are that final touch to round off the car's like-new look. A clean, shiny vehicle just isn’t complete without clean, shiny tyres.

At Auspro Detailing, we are introducing our tyre cleaning products to get you there. Tyre shine is a substance engineered to give your tyres a wet look or satin finish that makes them stand out once you’ve removed the grease and grit from the wheels. Let's discover the merits of polishing your tyres.

The Benefits of Tyre Shine Products

What are the benefits of shining your tyres?

  • Have you noticed that, over time and over many kilometres of driving, your tyres look dull and faded? Faded tyres often get a brownish appearance. Tyre shine products protect your tyres from harmful UV rays. The effect of regularly applying tyre gel on your tyres is that they don't fade quickly, keeping that new, refreshed and shiny look for longer.
  • Tyre shine works to rejuvenate tyres. It helps prevent thin cracks in your tyres, improving the overall tyre quality and allowing for better longevity.
  • Shiny tyres bring the final touch to a vehicle that you’ve washed and polished. Tyre shine brings coordination to the polished appeal of the car. You can feel proud of the condition of your tyres again and keep on impressing onlookers.

Further Considerations About Tyre Shine

What else is essential to know about using tyre shine on your tyres?

  • You can apply tyre shine in a can to tyres as a spray product and a dressing gel. A tyre gel applicator can do the job of shining up those tyres with ease. All these products are available for purchase at our online store.
  • Have you heard that tyre shine isn't good for your tires? You also may have heard that it can cause dry rot or cracking. These are just myths about these products: in reality, dry rot and cracking are more commonly caused by drivers leaving tyres sitting in direct sun for extended periods without the protection of tyre shine.
  • Higher-quality products typically produce a longer-lasting shine on your tyres. We try to consider everyone's budget, but we will note that some of the costlier products deliver superior, lasting shine.

About Auspro Detailing

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