Paint Protection Products

Use Paint Protection Products to Get That Show Car Shine

Everything of value needs to be cared for and maintained; your car is no exception. Keeping your lustrous paint job in the same condition it left the spray shop is a challenging task. Paint protection products will let you protect your car or ute from the elements. Detailing with the right paint decontamination products and ceramic coating products can have awe-inspiring results. There are many different brands and types of products on the market in Australia, so you need to do your research and buy from a business that only sells what they would use on their own cars.

Quick Guide to Paint Decontamination Products

Washing your car is not enough. It leaves millions of microscopic contaminants behind. If you slide your hand across your car paint job and it feels bumpy or rough, you need to do some detailing.

  • Before you start, wash your car and dry it properly. Remember not to work on the car when it’s hot. Moisture will evaporate off your car quickly and leave an unsightly residue.
  • Thorough or quick paint decontamination. If you only want to do a quick touch-up, you can use a paint decontamination spray like P & S Paint Gloss Quick Detailer Spray. It will remove dirt, fingerprints, dust and smudges without having to complete full detail. Thorough decontamination requires the paint decontamination spray and a clay bar like the Maxshine Clay Bar. You will apply the spray to a small area then go to work with the clay bar. Break a new clay bar in on your windshield before using it on the paint.
  • Wiping your car clean. After removing all the contaminants off with the clay bar, you will need to wipe it down with a detailing cloth like the Edgeless 245 All-Purpose Microfibre Towel. Wipe down each panel of the car after each area you finish.

Quick Guide to Ceramic Coating Products

Ceramic coating is like putting a force field around your car. It is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint, almost as if conjuring a protective force field. There are great ceramic coating products in Australia, like Ethos matrix coating.

  • It protects against harmful UV rays and chemical stains.
  • It gives your paint gloss and depth, and it upgrades and seals  your factory paint to a new level.
  • It is hydrophobic, so it is easy to clean as contaminants wont stick to your car. Water simply beads off.

Auspro Detailing Is For the Car Enthusiast

I’m Andrew, and I started Auspro Detailing due to my lifelong passion for detailing cars. There are many paint decontamination and ceramic coating products in Australia, and I constantly search for the latest and greatest. I only sell what I use myself. Getting that show car shine is expensive and far less therapeutic when you take your car to a professional. I deliver nationwide. Call me day or night!