Modesta LPS- Leather Protection System


Modesta's Leather Protection System (LPS-01/02) is a two part system consisting of a base layer (LPS-01) which prevents liquids from seeping into the surface, minimizes color transfer, and simplifies surface cleaning, reducing the need for harsh chemicals.

The second layer is a slider Abrasion Protection (LPS-02). This serves as a unique top coat specifically designed for use with Modesta’s Leather Protection System. It diminishes surface friction on exposed interior components, such as seat bolsters. By reducing surface friction, these exposed areas endure longer without displaying typical signs of wear and tear.

LPS offers unparalleled protection for all leather and leather-like surfaces found within motor vehicle interiors. This two-part system is the only solution on the market that shields these precious surfaces from both liquid and dirt penetration as well as abrasion.

With the two parts combined this ensures longer durability of the surfaces and thus preserves the value of the vehicle.

The following preparation is completed prior to installation: 


  • Deep Cleaning as required of surfaces & seams
  • Application of Base LPS-01
  • Application of Slider LPS-02
  • LPS-01-02


  • $295 Single Row
  • $495 2 Rows
  • $595 3 Rows