Modesta EGC- Exterior Glass Coating

EGC- Exterior Glass Coating
Enhance your driving experience with Modesta's Exterior Glass Coating . Our Exterior Glass Coating is a formulation combining silica resins, which form a microscopic hydrophobic layer on your vehicle’s exterior glass surfaces. This coating not only improves visibility in rainy conditions but also adds protection preventing insects, grime, and other debris from adhering to the glass, ensuring a cleaner and protected windshield.
Many dont realise, but glass is pourous, EGC will add protection and prevent the build up of grime on your glass surfaces.
Additionally, its hydrophobic properties facilitate easier removal of ice and snow during winter.
Prior to installing EGC, the foillowing preparation is carried out: 
  • Prep & Decontamination of the Windshield
  • Side Glass/Roof Glass Polished with Modesta CC (Cerium Oxide Compound)
  • Degrease Surface with Isopropyl Alcohol
  • EGC applied to the selected glass.
  • EGC lasts 2 to 5 years on the Side and Non Wiper Glass. On the windshield and back glass with wipers, depending on use, EGC will last 1 to 3 years.

EGC – Exterior Glass Coating Pricing
  • $195 Windshield Only
  • $395 small coupe/hatch
  • $495 Sedan
  • $595 SUV
  • $695 XL SUV