Modesta BC-X (4-5 Year)

Positioned as the intermediate option within the Modesta range, BC-X strikes a harmonious balance between affordability and performance excellence. Elevating the shine, gloss, and overall aesthetics of your vehicle, BC-X extends its protective prowess to both painted surfaces and plastic components, ensuring a refreshed and safeguarded appearance. With its outstanding hydrophobic properties, BC-X minimizes maintenance efforts, keeping your vehicle pristine for weeks on end.

  • $1795 Coupe/Hatch/Sedan (Corolla/Mazda 3/VW Golf)
  • $1895 Small SUV/Wagon (CX-5/Kluger/Tucson)
  • $1995 Large SUV/Dual Cab (Prado/Landcruiser/Ranger)
  • $2195 XL Dual Cab (Silverado/RAM)