Modesta BC-M Matte Paint Coating (7-10 Year)

Offering up to ten years of durability and protection, Modesta BC-M coating delivers exceptional safeguarding for matte surfaces paint, wraps etc. Preserving their natural appearance, & with subtle enhancement and heightened color saturation, BC-M provides outstanding protection for matte PPF, wraps, and particularly factory matte paint, maintaining their original aesthetic. As these paint finished can not be machine polished, extra chemical decontamination steps are required to remove impurities from the paint surface to ensure optimal bonding of the ceramic coating.
  • Foam Soak & Iron Decontamination
  • Tyres & Wheels Cleaned
  • 2 Bucket Hand Wash
  • Safe Clay Bar Decontamination
  • Glue & Tar Removal
  • Waterspot Removal
  • Towel & Air Dry
  • Mask up Trims
  • Degrease Surface with Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Application of BC-M coating to the exterior paint, headlights, & taillights.
  • Infra-red Heat Lamp Cured
  • M1-Shot Top Coat Application
  • Interior & Exterior Windows Cleaned
  • Basic Interior Wipe Down & Vacuum
  • Tyres Dressed

  • $1995 Coupe/Hatch/Sedan (Corolla/Mazda 3/VW Golf)
  • $2095 Small SUV/Wagon (CX-5/Kluger/Tucson)
  • $2195 Large SUV/Dual Cab (Prado/Landcruiser/Ranger)
  • $2395 XL Dual Cab (Silverado/RAM)