Modesta BC-04 (7-10 Year)

In the realm of ceramic coatings, BC-04 provides state-of-the-art protection, extraordinary gloss, unmatched reflections, optimal hydrophobicity, and outstanding self-cleaning capabilities. BC-04 is a new formula coating that combines the best advantages of the original Modesta BC-03 Pure Liquid Glass coating and highest quality nanograde titanium. The inorganic nature of the coating makes it fully resistant to oxidation. The hard physical barrier it creates also prevents paint from coming into contact with air and helps guard against abrasion.

  • $2095 Coupe/Hatch/Sedan (Corolla/Mazda 3/VW Golf)
  • $2195 Small SUV/Wagon (CX-5/Kluger/Tucson)
  • $2295 Large SUV/Dual Cab (Prado/Landcruiser/Ranger)
  • $2495 XL Dual Cab (Silverado/RAM)