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To some people, cars are only a means to travel from one point to another, and that's where their interest ends. Others truly value their cars as an extension of themselves and go the extra mile to ensure that it's always in peak condition both mechanically and aesthetically. If you're passionate about maintaining your vehicle's showroom shine, you should invest in car detailing products in Australia. Auspro Detailing stocks a wide range of P&S detailing products essential for an attractive, shiny and protected exterior.

Benefits of Using Car Detailing Microfiber Towels

One aspect of car detailing is wiping down the vehicle to obtain an eye-catching shine. After the process, there shouldn't be a blemish or spec of dirt. In terms of car detailing accessories, selecting the correct towel assists in eliminating dirt and preventing scratches. More car detailers have embraced the use of microfiber towels and cloths because of these benefits.

  • Microfiber is a highly absorbent material - much more than alternatives such as cotton. Consequently, it can hold more water, reducing the risk of slippage when you're wiping the vehicle down. Furthermore, you eliminate the creation of mess and decrease wastage. The higher absorbency of this material means you can dry the car faster and more efficiently in terms of time and effort.
  • When working with a car's body and paintwork, you must use caution to avoid scratching the paint. For this reason, only quality car detailing towels will suffice since their fibres are thinner than human hair. When you apply the towel to the car, it's incredibly soft yet gets the job done correctly. You can be confident that the cloth won't leave behind unsightly scratch marks.
  • Car detailing supplies can become expensive over time and if you're operating a car wash. You should consider any option to help keep your expenses to a minimum, such as a microfiber cloth. These materials are highly durable and can withstand many washes before you start seeing signs of wear. Additionally, microfiber can remove dirt from a vehicle without the use of cleaning chemicals. As a result, you can save money on car detailing accessories, including harsh detergents.
  • One of the most frustrating sights for car owners after a car wash is lint. Using ordinary cloths to wipe down the vehicle will leave behind particles from the material itself. Furthermore, these towels can leave behind swirls and streaks on the body and windows, which isn't ideal after a wash. It's worth noting that the right microfiber won't leave any of these marks or elements behind, resulting in a better finish.

Tips Regarding Car Detailing Supplies in Australia

Car detailing products are everywhere, and they all claim to be the best. Shopping around for the ideal products to use can be tricky because of the many available options. The colour of your vehicle also dictates what cleaning chemicals you can or can't use. Follow these tips to avoid mistakes and acquire proper P&S detailing products near Australia.

  • Your wheels and tyres are an essential part of car detailing, and there are several elements you require to get the best finish. Since you don't want to scratch the rims, you should use only a microfiber towel. You can use a soft-bristle scrub brush to clean the grooves of the tyres. Any products you're using on the wheels should be acid-free, pH neutral, and safe to use on multiple wheel types. When you see the chemical change colour while cleaning the wheel, it's a sign that it's working to remove the grime. To complete the tyre detailing, you need a tyre shine product that doesn't contain alcohol, which might lead to cracking.
  • When you're washing the exterior, it's worth using a Car wash shampoo or snowfoam. Don't fall into the trap of using dish soap to wash your vehicle, as it could harm the paintwork. The cleaning spray or chemical you use must be in a concentrated formula, be pH neutral, and create a foam layer when you apply it to the car. Use the two bucket method to wash the car if you don't have the necessary equipment. This method ensures that you're not reapplying dirt and grime to the vehicle.
  • The interior of your car is just as important as the exterior in terms of detailing. Remove all the trash from the vehicle and start vacuuming the seats and carpet. You can opt for a spray cleaner to use on interior surfaces made from vinyl, plastic, leather, and glass. Ensure that you clean the vacuum bags regularly to avoid recirculating the dirt. Any glass cleaner that you acquire must be free from ammonia and have anti-hazing and dust repelling features.
  • Detailing products don't perform well in the sun, so working on your vehicle in the shade is advisable. Doing this will reduce the possibility of water droplets and soap residue sticking to the car's surface.
  • Add car wax, Spray sealant or car detailing spray and polish to achieve that showroom shine. These products add a layer of protection to the paintwork. A liquid, wax and polish product is easier to use since it reaches the desired result with less hassle. If you want to achieve a better finish, consider investing in an orbital polisher with microfiber pads.

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