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The Details Lie in the Right Car Cleaning Accessories

We love washing and waxing our vehicles, polishing them and protecting them to a high shine. Each of us has our preferred method and products. We become agitated when circumstances prevent us from removing the road grease from our ride. Yet, have you ever contemplated the importance of car cleaning accessories and how crucial it is for the overall result, especially when tackling the interior after a trip through the outback?

The Value of Car Cleaning Microfibre Towels

Microfibre cloths are excellent products. Made from a combination of polyester and polyamide, the fibres are extremely thin. They can collect and hold water, dust and other particles using the capillary characteristics of the material and static electricity. The use of quality microfibre car towels that are properly clean and maintained will significantly ease any cleaning task.

  • Always use for washing. The ability of microfibre towels to pick up dust particles are of extreme importance in car detailing. How many times have you noticed those swirl marks on the exterior paintwork? Well, they're caused by a cloth that simply moves the dirt around and is the result of the washer using just any old rag for the job. Using a quality microfibre cloth in conjunction with the proven two-bucket system should considerably minimise these swirl marks' creation.
  • Excellent for buffing. Nothing buffs properly applied and dried carnauba wax like a microfibre cloth. Slightly moistened, the towel removes just enough of the dried wax to create a beautiful reflection without removing too much wax in the process, which reduces the need for a fourth or even a third coating.
  • Cleaning your towels. A microfibre towel must always be adequately cleaned; otherwise, you will quickly end up just smearing old grime around instead of actually cleaning the interior of your car. A quality cloth will last many wash cycles, but once it has been maltreated and has become too dirty, a new cloth is necessary. Always clean using warm water and a dedicated liquid detergent, like our Rags To Riches Microfiber Detergent. Never wash car microfibre towels with softeners or chlorine bleach. It's also wise to wash microfibre cloths separately, as especially cotton can quickly clog the fibres and reduce the effectiveness of the rag. Rinse and either air dry or pop it in the dryer on a low heat setting.
  • Our various microfibre towels are available in several distinctive colours. It is highly advised that different car cleaning towels are acquired and assigned to each task in the automotive detailing process, like orange for interior cleaning with chemicals and yellow for simple dry wiping of clean surfaces. There is no standard for the colours, but the fundamental objective is not to cross-contaminate between surfaces and cleaning products. You especially do not want the exterior wax polish to end up on the steering wheel, which would make it dangerously slippery to grip. Create a chart and post it on the wall in the garage.

Let's Not Forget The Car Interior Cleaning Products

Oddly, the interior of your car requires more care than the exterior, and this is because the interior is where everything happens, such as surfaces touched and juice spilled on seats. The interior is also subjected to furnace-like temperatures, which are not good for leather seats and vinyl dashboards.

  • The lifespan of the plastics, leather and wood used in car interiors can be considerably extended if properly rejuvenated and a layer of UV protection regularly applied. We stock both dedicated cleaning products and chemicals for each of these three materials and several general-purpose cleaners.
  • It is essential not to use household cleaners on your car's interior surfaces, as these have probably not been tested for that use and may emit volatile organic compounds into the confined and enclosed cabin. Plus, it will likely not provide any UV protection.
  • In conjunction with the previous, we also advise you to thoroughly check the caution label on a car interior cleaning spray for any special restriction on its use. The two major points here are compatibility with infotainment screens and controls and whether the solution contains silicone, which creates a slippery surface and should never be used on steering wheels, door handles and pedals.
  • Most cleaning products are fragranced, which is nice if the smell fits your personality. It is also wise to test whether you are allergic to the aromatic scent or the cleaner in general, as once it has been liberally used for a spotless interior, you're stuck with it for at least a few weeks.

A Bottle of Car Glass Cleaner in the Boot

Car windows are especially difficult to keep clean. The windshield is subjected to road splatter – why does the juiciest bug always hit you smack in the face? The side windows are constantly smeared by pointing fingers, both in- and outside. What to do? Keep a bottle of automobile window cleaner and a premium microfibre glass and window towel in the boot!

  • Car window cleaner is specially formulated for automotive glass. Its cleaning properties are strong enough to remove the most baked-in bug yuck with a few wipes yet won't damage quality tint film. It's also usable on house and office windows, especially when ordinary cleaners can't get the job done.
  • The window cleaners that we sell are also safe for use inside the window, as it has a low VOC and a scented solution is available. Look for products that do not contain alcohol or ammonia, as these should never be used inside the cabin.
  • Any clean microfibre cloth will do the job, but we also stock a special glass and window towel made by The Rag Company. It features a unique, dual-texture design with a corduroy-like surface on one side and smooth on the other side to wipe away any streaks.

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