Modesta BC-06 Heat Resistant Hard Glass Coating For Wheels & Body

BC-06 is applied with a professional paint spray gun rather than a hand applicator which in some cases can be hard to access every area of wheels.
Specially formulated for use with a spray gun method ensures an even coverage even on the most intricatly designed wheels. 
The advanced Modesta BC-06 and its latest iteration, the BC-06 Top Coat, revolutionizes wheel coating technology by ensuring a seamless application across intricate wheel designs. This not only facilitates effortless cleaning and maintenance in the foreseeable future but also guarantees optimal performance, whether on the racetrack or beyond.

With an impressive tolerance of up to 1300 degrees celcius of ferrous deposits, the coating demonstrates remarkable resilience even under intense harsh track conditions, assuring durability without compromising functionality. Resistant to tar deposits and brake dust, the coating effortlessly maintains its flawless appearance, promising a pristine finish with each cleaning session.

Moreover, the introduction of the BC-06 Top Coat elevates the coating’s chemical composition, enhancing its water repellency to an unprecedented level. This refinement signifies a paradigm shift in wheel protection, ensuring unparalleled longevity and performance enhancement.
All 3 Options include the same level of preparation and application.

  • Wheels & Tyres Cleaned
  • Iron and glue decontamination
  • Degrease Surface with Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Paint Gun Application of BC-06 & BC-06TC as required
  • Infra-red heat lamp curing
  • BC-06 & BC-06TC

  • $395 Wheel Faces Only – Wheels not removed
  • $695 Faces & Barrels – Wheels removed, remounted & lug nuts torqued to spec
  • $795 Faces, Barrels and Calipers – Wheels removed, remounted & lug nuts torqued to spec